Technical Checks

Technical Checks for the Driving Test

The tester will also ask some questions about the car in a Show Me/Tell me format. These include:

Q How do you check if the lights are working?

A: Switch on, Walk around car if necessary, otherwise ask someone to help. Check all lenses are clean and free of cracks, holes.

Q How do you check your Reflectors?

A: It’s a visual check. Look at them and check that they are clean and unbroken.

Q How do you check your Indicators?

A: Switch on, walk around car or ask someone to check. Also if one lamp is gone that side will flash double speed on your dashboard. Also check that the lenses are clean and unbroken

Q How do you check your Brake Lights?

A: Switch on engine. Reverse against a reflective surface and brake. Check your mirrors to see if the lights are on.

Q How do you check your brakes are working?

A: They should not feel spongy or pull to one side. Brake gently after you move off when safe to do so.

Q How do you check your Handbrake?

A: Pull it on. It should stay up (Ratchet engages OK)

Q How do you check your Power Steering?

A: The steering wheel will be difficult to turn if its not working. To check, try turning the wheel with engine off and it will feel stiff. Once engine is turned on it will loosen and that is how you know the power steering has kicked in.

Q: Tell me how to check the Tyres?

A: The tread depth should be a minimum 1.6 mm deep across 75% of the tyre. Check air pressure when tyre is cold. Find correct pressure in owners car manual (normally 28-30 PSI). Most garage forecourts have air pumps available for use.

Q: How do you know if there is a problem with the anti lock braking system?

A: The ABS warning light will become illuminated on the instrument panel.
Inside the car you may also be asked to show you know how to use the wipers, lights (full beam and dipped headlights), fog lights, front and rear demister, hazard lights, windscreen wash (front and back) and mirrors (including the anti-glare function).

Technical Checks
Technical Checks

The Hand Signals for the Irish Driving Test

Hand signals to be given to traffic behind you

Hand signals to be given to a pointsman/Garda and on-coming traffic

Technical Checks
Technical Checks